• La Cordenonese S.r.l.
  • La Cordenonese S.r.l.
  • La Cordenonese S.r.l.

Since 1963, Carrozzeria La Cordenonese is an automotive collision repair shop that provides a full range of auto body and collision repair services for all automobile makes and models. We are specialized in all auto body repair work, including collision-related mechanical and suspension damages. Our facility features the best equipment in the market to provide you with high-quality, fast auto body repair services to help get you back on the road quickly and safely.

As an USAA Direct Appraisal Facility, we take the extra step to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the repairs and service provided by our staff.


USAA Direct Appraisal Facility

Gestione sinistri

Assistance in processing insurance claims, we have an estimating system in English for American cars. We speak English.


Preventivi gratuiti

We provide free estimates using continuously updated software.

Car rental

Car rental

We provide three rentals, automatic trasmission.

Free shuttle within the city

Presa e consegna a domicilio

Free shuttle to your home or work. For your convenience, we will provide a free shuttle to anywhere within the city.

Debit/credit cards accepted

Debit/credit cards accepted

We accept credit/debit cards.

Towing service

Soccorso Stradale

We provide to our customers a 24/7 towing service call n. 335 1210172: ZETA Towing Service.


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Carrozzeria La Cordenonese use the best quality products on the automotive world market. We use Glasurit paint.


Spot Repair

Spot Repair

Paintless hail repair

Danni da Grandine

Headlamps repair

Ripristino Fari

Windsheld repair and replacement

Riparazione cristalli

Glasses tinting

Pellicole Oscuranti

Inside car cleaning

Pulizia Interni

Car Rental

Noleggio Auto

Tyres/mechanical services

Soccorso Stradale

Campers/Motorcycles Repair

Riparazione Camper

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Or contact us diretcly:

Tel. 0434 930464 Fax 0434 930680

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 07:00am-07:00pm

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